Thinking for Clarity

Rails 3.2 does not handle building STI classes by saving the :type. There are a handful of solutions for fixing it, but they all break building through relationships because they don't handle blocks. This fixes that limitation.

by Greg Benedict · almost 8 years ago

Everyone wants to rank in the #1 position in Google search results. Here are a few quick tips to get you on the right path.

by Greg Benedict · about 8 years ago

The average web page is growing at an alarming rate, around 20-25% per year for the last five years. It's an obesity problem of epic proportions that few marketers even know exists.

by Greg Benedict · about 8 years ago

The internet doesn’t just exist in Indiana, the United States or North America. It’s used by people all over the world and it turns out they use it very differently from the way we do.

by Greg Benedict · over 8 years ago

After 7 amazing years at The Stutz building in downtown Indianapolis, we’re heading back to the northwest side. A lot has changed in that time frame and it makes the most sense for our clients, partners and employees to be on the north side of town

by Greg Benedict · over 8 years ago

When the iPhone was released in June of 2007, we knew it would change our use of computers, but no one had any idea it would happen so fast. Today, almost all of the sites we work on now have more visitors on mobile devices than desktops – some by a significant margin.

by Greg Benedict · about 10 years ago

The team at TGFI recently launched a new web site for the Big South Conference. Through our initial research process we identified three key initiatives:

by Greg Benedict · over 10 years ago

Every day more than a million mobile devices are being put into the hands of consumers. In the US, those consumers spend more than 2 hours per day using mobile apps and websites. That’s twice as much time as they spend surfing the web on a desktop computer. Across more than 100 sites that we maintain, 35% of people are using iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

by Greg Benedict · about 11 years ago

For the last 18 months we’ve been working with PinPoint Perks – an Indianapolis coupon, deal and savings site – to rebuild, redesign and enhance the way local businesses connect with their customers.

by Greg Benedict · over 12 years ago

We’ve worked with the wonderful people at Floormingo since 2005 to provide a great way for do-it-yourselfers to buy hardwood flooring online at discount prices. For this year’s update we created a brand new web design and e-commerce shopping experience.

by Greg Benedict · over 12 years ago