Traffic today

Driving to the office today (the lovely Majestic Plaza), I found myself behind an oversize vehicle. It was a semi carrying a giant tractor with wheels hanging 4 feet off of either side. The driver was doing an excellent job staying all the way to the right, so as to let traffic through in the middle lane… and then it just slowed down to a crawl. Turns out that someone was parked in the side lane to make a cell phone call (or to take one?) The oversize vehicle couldn’t get past without going to the middle lane.

While I do applaud someone taking the initiaitve to ‘be safe’ and pull over for a call – especially if an important one – I just couldn’t help but thinking that they had no clue that what they had done was a) dangerous, and b) causing traffic to come to a halt. So, to anyone reading this, just remember that there is a valid reason the interstate has ‘no parking’ as one of its primary rules.