We’re Growing Again!

Josh, Drew, Ryan and myself want to extend a warm welcome to Mike Retzak (www.mikeretzak.com). Mike is our new interaction designer (web design, xhtml, css, javascript, flash, php, rails) that started with us earlier this week. He’s currently in his last year of grad school at IUPUI earning his Masters in New Media through the nationaly ranked Informatics program at night.

In just the first few days he’s been providing some much needed help for our clients in the Flash realm and will soon be working on front end design and layout for a stealth rails project we are working on. Things are just starting to heat up!

We also want to welcome Justin Ayer. Justin will be interning with us this fall doing a variety of development tasks. Josh and I both got huge starts to our career through internships and we’re doing what we can to help others in similar ways.

Next up we’re looking at some additional network support help and another developer if the upward trend continues. If you have the skills we talk about on the site and love to talk to people, drop us a note.