Should You Start a Blog for Your Business?

Almost every time we are engaged with a potential client, the subject of corporate blogging comes up. Sometimes the client notes a blog in their requirements, other times we suggest it for various reasons, and other times we ask the question for reaction.

Every company is different — people, customers and culture. When considering a blog for your company, there are five key things you should know.

It is a Long Term Commitment

Like most marketing efforts, blogging is a long term investment. You start slowly, trying different things. Mistakes are made, but you adjust as you go. Slowly over time you will begin to gain followers. These are people who appreciate the value you offer them. Treat them like friends or they will disappear as fast as you gain them.

Press Releases Don’t Belong

When you speak to your friends, you don’t talk about how wonderful you are all the time. You have conversations with them where they learn just a bit more about your personality each time. You also learn a lot about them. Press releases were created for people who write about your products, not the people who use them.

Traffic Doesn’t Come to You

Just like that new website or e-commerce store, people don’t know about you yet. You have to earn it. Blogging on a regular schedule and sticking to it creates a rhythm that readers enjoy. They’ll know how often to come back and won’t waste their time. When you create great content you win sneezers. Those are the people who tell their friends.

Your Competitors Will Read It

So what if they do? It just doesn’t matter. When all they do is follow your lead, you will always be ahead of the game. The better the content you create, the harder it will be for them to be original and win over readers. They’ll stress about it and waste time while you pull farther into the lead.

Only You Can Make the Difference

In the end there is only one thing that matters. You. It’s you who has a voice. It’s you they want to know. When you create a friendly dialogue you become transparent. People are fallible and so are companies. It’s OK when you make a mistake. Admit your wrong doings and explain how you will correct them.

Now that you know what to expect, let’s go back to the original question.

Should you start a blog for your business?

Yes you should, but only if you have the will, the transparency and long term vision to stick with it. Just like a friend, you must earn it.