We are a new company, in the sense that we have been doing this full-time with no other job for barely more than a year. So far, it has mostly been fantastic. I have been doing the same kind of work – and some stuff that is even cooler – that I did for my previous consulting firm… only with more responsibility to the bottom line.

So, what have I learned?
1) Running a business is hard. I knew this coming in. But it is what I continually come back to, when things get tough.
2) Trusting myself isn’t as easy as trusting other people… but it is much more important.
3) At the end of the day, I am responsible for all decisions made by TGFI, regardless of whether Greg or I made them.

Nothing too shocking, I suppose. However, these are the three lessons I focus on, as I strive to make better decisions for TGFI.