Introducing the SEO Plugin for WordPress

Here at TGFI we create a lot of sites for our customers using WordPress. Only we set it up as a CMS tool so our customers can easily maintain the pages on their website and post news articles appropriately.

One of the biggest issues we’ve had is properly dealing with the simple trio of search engine optimization: titles, descriptions and keywords. There are some really good tools out there, but all of them have issues or just aren’t kept up anymore.

Lately it’s become more and more evident that we needed something custom. We were willing to pay for it, but none of the authors of those existing tools would get back to us. So, this past week we took it into our own hands. We created the SEO Plugin for WordPress.

Right out of the gate it does title, description and keyword overrides for greater control over search engine readability. We plan on adding more features, such as navigation control, in the future, so stay tuned!