How to Attract Constant Attention to Your Website

What is the most important statistic for a sales team? Is it demographics, referrals, leads or sales? With almost every company we’ve worked with it is leads.

Leads already have a desire for your product or service. They want to stay in touch and learn more about how you can solve their problem.

Here is a quick way to increase your targeted leads that your sales team can turn into easy wins without paying the search engines for clicks.

Keyword Research

The first step in generating leads is to get your company in front of the people that have a need and are ready to buy from you. At this point there are two ways we can go about this.

  1. Go after the keywords with the most traffic and most competition.
  2. Go after the keywords with less traffic and less competition.

It’s the second option that powers companies like Apple, Amazon and your local real estate agent. That’s the one we want to go after. It’s much easier to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond.

Here’s an example for the real estate agent to show the difference.

Indianapolis homes for sale

  • 1,730,000 search results
  • 74,000 Google searches in January  2009
  • 5 results on the first page are Indianapolis companies

Zionsville homes for sale

  • 64,300 search results
  • 5,400 Google searches in January 2009
  • Only 1 result on the first page is based in Indianapolis!

As you can see, Zionsville has less competition, but plenty of searches to drive leads to your website. It’s much easier to be at the top.

The Landing Page and Offer

Now that we have picked our keywords we need to design a new landing page to convert that visitor into a lead. It should look great and get to the point.

Let’s start by picking a name for the page that includes only the keywords we are targeting: That page name is very important.

On this page you’ll want to add great content such as a home search, MLS listings, the realtor’s information, contact numbers, etc. and a form to capture the visitors contact information.

On the surface it looks like we have given everything away that they want. The truth is that we have something much more valuable to give them. This is the offer.

When the user fills out the form they will now receive a white paper or e-book on buying homes in the Zionsville area. It contains every demographic you can imagine (schools, income level, low crime rates, mortgage companies, etc) in one easy to find document. Sure, they can find it elsewhere, but it may take 20-30 different places to find it all. You’ve just made their life easy in 1 step.

Driving Traffic and Measuring Results

The next step after creating your new landing pages is to get other websites to link to it. This isn’t about getting visitors from those sites to click through, but rather about building rankings in the search engines. Inbound links are the most important factor in making your web page rank at the top in Google, Yahoo and MSN. It’s a trust factor. If a lot of people link to you, you must have something important to say.

Here at TGFI we maintain a list of over 2500 directories, communities and websites where we can add your link in keyword targeted pages. It’s a slow, manual process, but VERY effective in boosting rankings. Once added to these other high traffic sites, the search engines will automatically pick up your page and move you up the rankings.

Now that we have the landing page created, a great offer to capture leads and people talking about it, we need to measure to see how well it’s working.

There are several great tools for managing leads from the search engines. Google Analytics, Web Trends, Omniture and even Webalizer. These tools will tell us how many visitors are coming to the site, to which pages and from where. If they are from the search engines they will also tell us which keywords were used.

Using this information we can compare the number of visitors to the page to the number of leads. It’s your basic conversion rate. If the numbers are low we can make some content changes or alter the offer, and then test the results to drive them up.

Once the landing pages are up and running smoothly you’ll get a continuous flow of traffic for months, even years to come.