Web Application Hosting Services

TGFI offers a variety of hosting services for the appication we maintain. We know from experience that the people who design, develop and maintain your website or business application are the best at keeping it up and running. Hundreds of clients trust in our ability to provide a secure, stable hosting environment.

What happens when there’s a problem?

A good judge of a hosting company is how things are handled when something fails. Time and time again, new customers come to us because of problems communicating with their hosting company.

At TGFI, we believe we do three things better than these other companies:

  1. Automation: Our servers and applications are monitored and can often fix themselves.
  2. Notification: When something goes wrong, regardless of size, our staff is tracked down and notified.
  3. Communication: Our insight into the applications we host allows us to quickly determine the issue and communicate how we will fix it in a way that you can understand.

You’ll even have our cell phone numbers.

We are our own customers.

In addition to customer service, we have a level of operational quality that we expect in our hosting environment. All of our own websites, email and storage is hosted on our network on equipment we own. We have the same trust in our environment that you should in yours.

If you are looking for a great place to put your website and ensure that your email and business applications are online and available, our world-class hosting solutions will let you focus on running your business.

Technical Details

For those of you who need a bit more detail, the following is a brief overview of our environment and services:

  • Web, application, database, email, DNS and dedicated server hosting
  • Redundant SPAM Filtering and Mail Queuing
  • Data backup and restoration
  • Statistical web traffic reporting
  • 99% network and system uptime
  • 24×7 proactive infrastructure monitoring
  • Security patch management
  • Redundancy – uninterruptible power, physical data mirroring, file backup, multiple Internet connections and more.